Little Wonderland Child Care offers all meals throughout the entirety of the day for FREE. There is no need to rush and worry about preparing meals for your child unless you child has special dietary requirements please inform our Centre Director.

Mealtimes at Little Wonderland Child Care are a very relaxed and well supervised program and an opportunity for staff to encourage the children in the development and importance of healthy eating practices. We strive to provide and promote healthy eating patters and positive attitudes towards healthy eating by our children and educators. In addition to healthy eating all educators strongly encourage the learning and experience of this program and also to drink milk or water throughout the day.

Little Wonderland Child Care takes the stress away from parents by providing a four week rotating menu that is reviewed regularly and updated as required. We have a total of two (2) menus for the children at Little Wonderland Child Care. The Koala room has it’s very own flexible menu with the remaining rooms Kangaroo, Platypus, Crocodile & Kookaburra (Kindergarten) with their own five week rotating menu.

Our on-site qualified chef provides meals for:

  • Breakfast;
  • Morning-tea;
  • Lunch;
  • Afternoon tea and
  • Late afternoon tea.

Our centre chef ensures that all menus adhere to the National Nutrition Standards and includes a variety of foods from all food groups. We are able to accommodate for diet and special needs within the menu just make this mention to our Centre Director. Each and every day our qualified chef prepares, cut, cook, stirs and even bakes all the meals which are provided to the children.

It is important to understand that Little Wonderland Child Care is a NUT and EGG free Centre. We aim to best achieve this with the help of parents and staff to ensure that no products of nut and egg entre the centre and reduce and eliminate the risk of allergens. If you require any further clarification or special requirements please make this aware to our Centre Director.

All of our menus are displayed in each room and in the kitchen displays. We appreciated parent feedback and we welcome menu suggestions and incorporating food from around the world. If you would like to view an example of Little Wonderlands Child Care Nutritious Menu for the week commencing 1st January 2015 click on the relevant links below.

Sample menu for Koala – click here.

Sample menu for Kangaroo, Platypus, Crocodile & Kookaburra (Kindergarten) – click here.