Little Wonderland Childcare strives to aim in providing the highest of quality for each individual child through all areas and stages of development. We strongly believe, understand and recognise that curriculum of the learning environment for our children will have a significant influence on their education and development whilst at Little Wonderland Childcare and into the future.

All of our programs our respectful to individual differences, interests, rate of learning and styles as each child is different. We encourage children’s independence and offer a range of learning experiences both indoors and outdoors for all ages. The programs are constructed for children to use all their senses if they are to experience, learn and discover about their world.

Which is why here at Little Wonderland we acknowledge the necessity for quality programs, observations and predictable flexible routines are important. Our programs are child focused which are developed from the recommendations of EYLF and the Kindergarten Program which is inspired by the children’s imagination, curiosity and designed to nurture the development and promote growth of each individual child. Little Wonderland Childcare also uses the Ella Language Program and click here for more information.

 All of our educators have designated programming time on a regular basis to evaluate the child’s interests, needs and planning future activities from these observations inside the rooms and also in the playground.

The developmental skills our curriculum is based on are:

Language – communicating and self expression
Emotional – self awareness, self control and self discipline
Physical – exercise and educational activities
Cognitive – thinking, listening and resolving conflict
Social – cooperation, sharing, turn-taking and problem solving
Fine motor skills – small muscle development for example drawing and cutting
Gross motor skills – large muscle development for example hoping and jumping
Moral and spiritual – empathy and social justice