Here at Little Wonderland Child Care documenting each individual children’s learning journey is an essential part of our curriculum. Children’s portfolio promotes strong communication between educators, children and parents in regards to the child’s development through all the stages of development in our curriculum. To learn more about our curriculum click here. All of our bubbly, wonderful and caring educators use the child portfolios as a learning tool for children to reflect back on their previous work, learning experiences, thoughts and thinking process.

Each portfolio that encompasses all of the child’s work throughout the year is personally handed to the child from their educator which they receive on Little Wonderlands Child Care yearly Christmas Party – click here to view our Calendar of Events 2024. The items that are within the child’s portfolio range from a collection of their paintings, drawings, observation records, children interactions, photos and many more. Little Wonderland Child Care understands the importance these moments and memories are for parents to cherish of their children growing up and learning and developing.