Our vision at Little Wonderland Child care is to create a stimulating environment to promote the growth and potential for each individual child within their world. The early childhood years is very important for the children as they develop at different learning paces and also in their own individual ways. At Little Wonderland Childcare all our educators understand the importance the early childhood years are on the children and carefully nurture the children through education, indoor and outdoor play, exploration, curiosity, creativity whilst providing a safe, clean and nurturing environment.

We believe the curriculum and programs that we offer by the recommendations and guidelines from the National Early Years Learning Framework and our Kindergarten Program will stimulate growth in all areas for the children. Different learning styles and teaching will be used by all of our qualified educators to encourage children to participate in their learning / decision making, engaging children emotionally, physically and cognitively in socially supportive and responsive environments. To view our Little Wonderlands Childcare curriculum which encompasses the growth of the children – click here.

In addition to achieving the above in line with our philosophy and our curriculum the below are points which we at Little Wonderland Childcare envisage and strongly stand by to create for each and every child under our care.

  • Strong communication with parents and children in relation to the child’s feelings and thoughts;
  • Engaging and being responsive while our educators are reading stories, participating in group play, educations shows and other activities;
  • Creating a playful, safe and learning environment which sparks imagination and curiosity for the children;
  • Supporting children through their choices rather then telling;
  • Ensuring educators model each child’s growth through surprises, interest and documentation.