Childcare Bill in the Senate… Leading into the May Budget 17

A recent article written by economic editor David Uren from The Australian discussed in detail about the winning senate backing for the Turnbull government’s childcare bill required jettisoning budget savings. Much of which dating as far back as the Abbott government’s first budget. The question David Uren points out is how much of this will flow through to the budget’s bottom line that will be presented next month ?

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann has already signed a planned increase in family benefit rates, costing $ 2.4 billion over the four-year budget period and to have been financed by savings measures, will not now proceed.

It will be interesting to see what the May Budget will bring and what it will mean for the childcare industry. Stay tuned for next months post about how the Budget 17 will effect the childcare industry and you.

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