Childcare Subsidy is coming… but delayed until 2018

A recent article written by SBS following up on the Federal Budget earlier this year has listed a short summary of what this $ 3 billion dollar childcare package means. As we have been made aware the Federal Government has delayed this until 2018 the start date of this childcare package.

Why is this ? That’s because the savings it will need to pay for it – cuts to the parental payments of those on family tax benefit part B – remain stalled in parliament.

The subsidy, which will require parents to undertake at least eight hours of work a fortnight to qualify, was originally due to start on July 1, 2017.

While Tuesday’s budget papers confirmed the delay, there is good news for parents facing difficulty getting their kids into mainstream childcare centres.

The government has extended the timeline for its nanny pilot program, and raised the hourly fee cap from $7 to $10.

We are yet to hear more about the opposition’s input regarding this re-form and also what will be raised leading into the Federal Election.

Stay Tuned as we follow how this will effect the Childcare Industry in general.

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