Federal Budget 2017 and what this means for you?

Last week 9th May 2017 Treasure Scott Morrison delivered his second Budget declaring there are ‘better days ahead’. But what does this actually me for the childcare industry or the public in general ?

A recent article written by Dana McCauley, Emma Reynolds, Frank Chung and Charis Change have outlined a summary of this years Budget 2017 into different categories.

The budget pointed out that parents hoping for an increase in the family tax benefit will be disappointed, with the Government opting not to process with a promised increase of $20 a fortnight per child, saving the Budget $2 billion over four years. However the Budget did include $ 37.3 billion for child care over three years from July, to be allocated to about one million Australian families.  And families earning $ 185,710 or less and who need to use more child care will no longer face an annual cap.

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