Federal Election – Childcare UPDATE “Whose Doing What” about the Childcare Industry ?

With the Federal Election 2016 fast approaching on July 2nd it wasn’t until recently where all parties started talking in-depth about the Childcare Industry as a whole.

ABC News frequently compiles and updates information regarding where the parities stand on big issues (like Childcare) and summarise them into very handy and understandable paragraphs.

If you would like to understand further about where the parties stand for this upcoming Federal Election – click here.

An extract from this article is below:

  • “The Government has pledged to overhaul the sector with a $3 billion package, which will see subsidies streamlined into one means-tested payment;
  • The lowest-income families would receive the highest subsidy, covering up to 85 per cent of costs. The subsidy gradually tapers to 50 per cent for families earning about $170,000 a year or more;
  • The Opposition is keeping the current system, but has also committed $3 billion extra, promising to provide relief to families from January 2017, 18 months earlier than the Government;
  • Under Labor’s policy, the cap on the childcare rebate will be lifted from $7,500 to $10,000, and the childcare benefit will also increase by 15 per cent, providing families with up to an extra $31 a week”

It will be an interesting few weeks to see if any more developments occur within the Childcare Industry.

Stay Tuned!