“No Jab, No Play”

Under the ‘No Jab, No Play’ legislation that was introduced to Parliament this year, will mean that all children will be required to be fully vaccinated in order to be enrolled childcare, kindergarten, occasional care & family daycare. Victoria is within weeks from tougher up the ‘No Jab, No Play’ and Queensland immunisation rates for children sat at 92 per cent in the last quarter of 2014, short of the 95 per cent recommended for strong “her immunity”.

With many parents finding easier ways to keep track of your children(s) vaccination card the Queensland Health has also developed the VacciDate smartphone app to help parents keep records of each child(s) immunisations and provide reminders when vaccinations and appointments are due. The app is for free and available from Google Play or  iTunes.

To read more about this new law that will come into effect on the 1st January 2016 click on the below links. Article explaining the specifics from the Prime Minister – click here. Article from Victoria that has very helpful Q & A’s – click here. Article from Brisbane times re-capping ‘No Jab, No Play’ law – click here.