Smoke-Free Early Childhood Centre

As of the 1st September 2016 new legislation has come in effect banning smoking at Early Childhood Education and Care Facilities.

What is the five metre buffer zone ?

The buffer zone is a no-smoking area around the perimeter of schools and early childhood education and care facilities. The buffer zone extends for 5 (five) metres beyond the facility land boundary. This area does not extend into residential or business premises that share a boundary with school land.

When does this new law apply ?

The law applies at all times – during and after school hours, on weekends and during school holidays. The smoking ban includes the use of all smoking products, including electronic cigarettes.

Little Wonderland Childcare strongly encourages all families to be aware of the new legislative changes of smoking for the well-being and safety of all children. To find out more about Queensland Government new Smoking Laws specifically for Early Childhood Education and Care Resources – click here.  To view other resources about the new Smoking laws – click here.